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Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Thumb Throttle Kit

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Thumb Throttle Kit

$ 99.00 

Update March 23, 2017 - Thumb Throttle kit is back-ordered.  Order now for mid-April, 2017 delivery.

The optional throttle can be installed to provide manual throttle operation to control the e-bike. Symmetric design allows the throttle to be mounted on the right or left side according to the user's preference. Includes 1-4 Wire Harness Cable and Class-1/Class-2 Display
  • Includes all components necessary to convert Class-3 (Speed Pedelec) CrossCurrent to Class-2 (Throttle on Demand)
  • Mountable for Left- or Right-Hand Use
  • 3 pin waterproof quick connector
  • Stainless steel locking