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HyperFat E-Bike /  Pre-Order for July 2017

HyperFat E-Bike / Pre-Order for July 2017

$ 1,499.00

Ships 100% pre-assembled in a massive box. Choose Free Local Pickup or $165 Flat-Rate Freight Shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA. Bikes come with 2A chargers. 

April 2017 Update:

This pre-order is for the second production of HyperFats which are expected to start shipping in July 2017. Orders will ship according to when the orders was placed. The demand has been overwhelming and we are making them as fast as possible. 

Building The Hype / Blog Updates:

Follow the progress as we create one of the most incredible fat-tire bikes available today. 

2017-04-19: Making The Case For A Bigger Batter [Video]

2017-04-16: HyperFat 1000W High-Speed Onboard Experience [Video] (38min video)


2017-04-10: MAC 1000 Watt Motor Factory Visit [Video] 


2017-04-08: Custom Wire Harness [Video] 

2017-04-02: HyperFat Product Update and Overview [Video]

2017-04-02: HyperFat Hill Climb and Acceleration Demonstration [Video] 

2017-04-02: HyperFat High Speed Demonstration at 32 mph [Video] 

2017-03-21: Pre-production HF1000 Shakedown Runs [Video]

2017-03-20: HyperFat 1000 W Frame Hits the Gym [Video]

2017-03-17: Winter Production Highlights [Video]

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