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Grin Tech Cycle Satiator Programmable Charger

Grin Tech Cycle Satiator Programmable Charger

$ 295.00

Compatible with Super Extended Range 17.4 Ah and Hyper Extended Range 21.0 Ah battery packs for CrossCurrent, CrossCurrent AIR, OceanCurrent, and HyperFat electric bicycles

Also compatible with all U500/U350 models

- Fast Charging up to 40% faster than the stock Charger
- 80% Partial charge setting for extending battery cycle life
- 50% Storage charge setting 
- Graphical LCD that actually GRAPHS
- No Fan - Zero noise!
- Thermally managed design
- Water and vibration resistant
- Programmable and firmware upgradable with a PC or MAC
- 4-Pin XLR connector cable included