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2017 OceanCurrent Step-Thru - FREE SHIPPING

2017 OceanCurrent Step-Thru - FREE SHIPPING

$ 1,299.00

Update July 5, 2017: OceanCurrent Step-Thru is backordered until late August 2017, and available for pre-order.

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  • 48 Volts / 24 mph Top Speed

  • 500 W Geared Hub Motor

  • Includes 2-Amp Charger  

  • Torque Sensor pedal assist and throttle

  • 17.4 Ah Super Extended Range & 21.0 Ah Hyper Extended Range Packs are compatible with all OceanCurrents 

Arrives 95% Assembled:  Whats in the box? (Video) - Setup Guide (Video)

The OceanCurrent brings a new wave of sporty electric beach cruisers ashore. The classic cruiser style is perfectly combined with the balanced 48V down-tube battery.

Modern torque-sensing pedal assist measures and amplifies your pedal effort 1000 times a second. Glide down the strip or pick up the pace up to 24 mph. Get up to 100 miles range with our exclusive 21 Amp-Hour battery pack.

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In this video we discuss the basic steps for setting up your OceanCurrent.

For full details, including torque specifications please refer to the owners manual included with your bike or refer to the juiced bikes support page - http://www.juicedbikes.com/support.