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2017 CrossCurrent - FREE SHIPPING

2017 CrossCurrent - FREE SHIPPING

$ 1,499.00

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  • Free Shipping within the continental United States

  • 17.4 Ah Super Extended Range & 21.0 Ah Hyper Extended Range Packs require an additional 3-5 weeks for delivery







5 Professionally Tuned Pedal Assist Settings + Thumb Throttle Option




Multiple Frame Sizes + Step-Thru Frame Available 

Step Thru Frame

Designed to be supported

World class support starts with a fundamentally sound design. Our bikes are designed with hidden features to provide easy inspection and identification of issues. We target a 10 min swap time for any part on our utility e-bike and verify with timed trials. 

The cables, running externally can be easily accessed. Parts are clearly laid out and easy to understand. The electronics system uses non-proprietary and easily sourced parts to insure your bike will be running many years down the road. 

Parts Availability: The hard part

We have deep parts availability down to every screw. Hyper fast parts shipping with Amazon Fulfillment Service. Our World Class tech support and online documentation sets the standard for the utility e-bike industry and now we bring this culture to the Sport E-Bike category. 

Professionally Engineered and Manufactured

Rather than market bikes assembled from off-the-shelf supplier's parts, Juiced Bikes has developed deep cooperation with the leading e-bike companies to design, engineer and manufacture innovative e-bike products.

Partnering with Luyuan E-Vehicle, one of the top e-vehicle manufactures with over 1.5 million units sold every year, we have created a High Performance E-bike Division focusing on lithium powered pedal assist e-bikes for international and domestic markets. With the experience of over 90 engineers and technicians, we plan to make a significant impact in the new lightweight e-vehicle market.

Our line of utility e-bikes are engineered and tested to the highest standards demanded by e-scooters and small electric motorcycles. We put our Current Series of e-bikes through the same boot camp on the way to production.


Testing, Testing and more Testing

The e-bike technology at the moment is in constant flux. The challenge is to bring a product to market before it is obsolete. To achieve this feat and bring the cost to an affordable level, we must first make early identification of promising new technologies then test the hell out of them as fast as possible. 

This way we can quickly understand the dynamics of implementing a new technology and get a grip of how the service will be handled. Our in-house testing facility is constantly testing in-production parts, testing pre-production parts and testing upcoming experimental parts developed buy our suppliers and ourselves. 

We build test rigs and custom production tools in our massive in-house machine shop. Some test equipment exceed the performance capability of the suppliers who initially developed the part. In this way, we bring the best products to the market at an affordable price while helping to accelerate this green e-bike technology for the entire industry. 

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